Transgender females have an unfair advantage in women’s sports. While that is the science, it has been denied by many people. Until now.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg just requested millions in federal funds to create female crash test dummies. He stated that the small body male dummies didn’t reflect the true stature and physicality of a woman. The use of true female crash test dummies would allow auto manufacturers to create safer vehicles for women.

This is a good thing, a very good thing. First of all, it’s great that the Department of Transportation is helping to make vehicles safer for women. Secondly, it is good that the Secretary of Transportation had publicly admitted that women are different than men and that their body’s are not as strong as their biological male counterparts.

To me, this has definitively settled the issue of transgender women competing in women’s sports. Men are stronger, have greater lung capacity and their bodies are physically superior to biological females. Allowing them to compete in women’s sports is unfair and could eventually end serious competition in all women’s events.

Maybe the answer is a separate league for transgender women. But transgender women should never be allowed to compete with biological females. It’s not fair and that is backed up by the Secretary of Transportation and science.

In America, anyone can identify as anything they choose. You can say you’re a woman but that doesn’t mean that anyone has to believe that you are. That’s their right. People need to respect you and allow you to have all the rights you are granted by being a citizen of this country. But their belief is their business.

Everything in life has a price. If you’re a biological man and want to identify as a woman, you can do anything…except compete in women’s sports. There’s always “ a league of your own,” to paraphrase a movie with a similar name.

I have a song for just such occasions:


Secretary Buttigieg, now that you settled this, how about making the trains safer? Please?

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