What kind of blood pressure medication do I take? Other than my doctor and my wife, no one knows. I don’t have the need to share that kind of information on social media. Same with my state of mind. Like most people, some days I’m happy, some days I’m sad.

When I had major surgery, I shared that as well as the fact that I was diagnosed with cancer. When I was cancer-free, I shared that as well. All were major parts of my life and since I was on the radio at that time, I had to let people know why I was off the air for a while.

Like most, I’m sure I share too much on social media. There is a great temptation to let people peek behind the curtain. It’s kind of the living embodiment of the Beatles’ song, “Do You Want to Know a Secret?” We’re all looking for approval, sympathy and, most importantly, people to agree with out points of view.

I hate political season because so many people on social media spend way too much time bashing those who disagree with their politics. Their “guy” is the right choice and the other “guy” is a worthless piece of crap. The pointless debates go on and on until Election Day rolls around and they can get back to sharing their daily tragedies.

Speaking of tragedies, social media seems to create them. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t read about someone dying or the anniversary of someone’s death. The latter always made me think I was a horrible person for not knowing the exact day someone special to me died. (John Kennedy was November 22, right?) Death anniversaries are way too macabre for me. I prefer to think about people and pets when they were alive and vital. Guess that makes me weird.

I am always amazed at how many people on social media visit the emergency room on a regular basis. I’ve been to the emergency room twice in my life. Both visits required dozens of stitches due to accidents. If I feel really sick, I usually have enough over-the-counter medications to help me feel better until I can get to my primary care physician. But I think I’d have some pretty clever ER posts – “Waiting my turn in the emergency room. Looks like a combination of The Walking Dead and Ellis Island in here.

One of the times I had to go to the ER I was very active on Facebook, but I never shared the event. I fell and didn’t feel the need to share my clumsiness. Recently, I did share a picture of an impressive scar after a wacky surgery. This was probably more than I needed to share but it felt kind of cool to show a 9 inch scar that had just been stitched up. (My wife said it was only 4 inches long and that I’ve had that kind of perception problems before.)

I know more about many of my Facebook friends than I’m comfortable knowing. The same is probably true for many of them about me. Still, a quick check shows that death, sickness and bad blood between friends and family continues to be reported on Facebook.

There are some people on social media who share horrific photos of all sorts of gory events. We all know that horrible things happen but do we really need to see these things on a regular basis? I unfriend people who do this. Nothing like wolfing down your Grape Nuts in the morning while looking at blood and gore. (Wasn’t that Leslie’s failed attempt at a heavy metal band?) And why are they called Grape Nuts in the first place, they are neither grape nor nuts? Sorry, a question for another time.

I enjoy posts about people’s accomplishments, especially the ones about their kids. In today’s world, nice to know young people, the same young people who will administer my Social Security, are doing positive, smart things. However, if they’re not really special events, they get lost in a lot of Facebook chatter. Posts like “Our son just got his learner’s permit,” fall into that category. But if your dog or cat gets a learner’s permit, now we have us a post!

Speaking of pets, I am super guilty of posting photos of our pets. They are really, really cute…but so are everyone else’s pets. I will say that out-of-focus pet photos are completely unnecessary, unless we can make out that your pet just saved the President of the United States or did some other amazing feat.

Out-of focus, poorly exposed photos are completely out of line. Taking and posting a zillion smart phone photos like everyone else? I don’t care how good your freakin’ phone is, it stinks as a camera and camcorder. Invest in a nice camera and post your brains out. That’s what I did.

Bottom line – We all share too much on social media. It won’t stop but it was fun to write about. I’m off to check n what kind of high pressure medication I’m taking. (I never knew the name.) I’ll let you know.

I wish you good health and success!








TV Shopping Host and Coach, Musician, Author, Teacher.

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