Take a moment and think about the history of this great country. We survived a revolution with the British, which any Vegas odds maker would tell you the British were favored to win. How did we prevail against their superior force? Tenacity. We kept coming and, for all intents and purposes, it looked like we’d fight to the last person before we gave in to British rule. I believe we would have.

In 1812, we won another mismatched conflict with the British where they destroyed the White House and Capitol. Most people would have given up. We kept fighting until they surrendered.

A few decades later, we survived a horrendous civil war. A conflict like that would have torn most countries apart, yet we came back stronger and more united than ever.

In the early 20th Century, we fought in what was then called “The War to end All Wars.” Yeah, nice PR job on a worthless catchphrase. But we survived and prospered.

Then, in 1929, our fragile economy broke. It’s always been fragile and it always will be. A majority of people lost almost everything they had. Unemployment rose to almost 25% in a few years. Times were tougher than most of us can imagine today. And while the left and right will continue to argue about just how we made it through those dismal years, the plain fact is that we did. And, again, we were stronger than ever.

The strength we developed during that time came in handy when we took on most of the globe in World War Two. The majority of our Pacific Fleet had been destroyed. We were losing for years until the tide turned. And what caused our victory? An unwillingness to give up. Lots of prophets of doom were saying it was over for America back then. Hey, when they’re wrong, they’re wrong.

A couple of years after winning WWII, we fought again in Korea. And while it is considered a draw by many historians, we fought valiantly even though the scars of the last war had just begun to heal.

The prosperity of the mid-50’s was incredible. Along with so many accomplishments, we built an intricate system of Interstate Highways so that we could be more connected as Americans than ever before. It looked like smooth sailing until we began meddling in the affairs of another Southeast Asian country.

The arguments about why we were involved in Vietnam will go on for many lifetimes to come. Whatever the reason, we were devastated as a country. Young people who had always done what was expected of them began to question everything. Racial tensions peaked with the assassination of many civil rights leaders. The status quo was questioned endlessly.

The chaos of the mid to late 60’s would have flattened most countries. One only has to look at the Middle East today for proof of that.

Conflicts in the Middle East dominated the news after the Vietnam era. They had oil and everyone wanted it. Some didn’t much care how they got it. Once more, we meddled in the affairs of sovereign nations. Everything came to a head with the attacks of 9/11. Over 3000 innocent Americans killed in one day. Most people would have just given up. We didn’t!

A few years after 9/11, the economy almost imploded again. If it had, it would have made the Great Depression of 1929 look like a bump in the road. But some very smart Americans figured out a way to avoid the collapse. You can argue their methods, but bottom line, we survived.

Today we are facing outbreaks of Ebola and the Enterovirus. Both have the ability to kill millions of our citizens. There is more and more panic as each case is announced, especially Ebola. We are frightened but taking action to stop the spread of both diseases. Many argue that authorities aren’t doing enough and, while they are right at the time this is being written, the fact remains that our country is taking action. We should be thankful that we have the resources to fight back, many countries do not.

We’re still here. A little worse for wear, but we’re still kicking. And we will be as long as we never forget who we are and where we come from. And I’m convinced the best is yet to come. May God continue to bless The United States of America!

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