Hello Dr. Franklin,

First of all, we all owe you a debt of thanks for all your help and sacrifice in helping to establish this marvelous Democratic Republic. We’ve been the birthplace of so many innovative ideas and ideals since you passed.

A bit of sad news. In this year of 2016, we have allowed two despicable people to run for President. Both are evil and will probably destroy our country soon after one or the other is elected. One seems to be the lessor of the 2 evils, but you know the old saying, “When you choose the lessor of 2 evils, you are still choosing evil.”

I’m sure you’re wondering how this happened. While no one is sure, it seems that Congress became a bastion of partisan hacks who were only interested in retaining their office and power. Little got done and people became more and more frustrated.

Remember how much everyone in The Continental Congress disliked John Adams? At least Mr. Adams was a learned and wise man along with being a jackass. Our politicians are products of a sub-par public educational system that became more and more worthless as the years passed. We have generations of truly uneducated people who can be easily led. It would remind you of England in the 1700’s.

Our relations with other countries could use a diplomat like you. Unfortunately, we are on the brink of war with many countries and continue to fight smaller conflicts across the globe that are sponsored by our enemies. Many say these smaller “wars” are a way to let off steam so there are no large scale confrontations. I’m sure you, like I, find this to be utter nonsense.

Our weapons today are God-like, with bombs that can devastate the entire planet in a matter of minutes. I need to mention that one of the candidates currently running for President wants to use those weapons without regard for the fact that so many other nations possess the same destructive force. We sit on the brink of a World War that will end humanity itself.

Many Americans have considered a revolution to overthrow the current government. But since they have these massive weapons and the citizenry has only handguns and rifles it would be the shortest revolution in history.

Our current situation has awakened many of us to the power of the vote. But I fear it is too late. I know the nation survived despots like Aaron Burr, Benedict Arnold and many others as well as the destruction of our Capital at the hands of the British. But our current despots have enormous financial resources.

Newspapers have evolved into audio and visual mediums that can reach across the world in a matter of seconds. Proper access to those media is very expensive. A brilliant printed booklet like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense would get lost in a sea of other people’s grandiose-yet-meaningless expressions.

I know you’re gone, hopefully enjoying a much deserved rest along with all the other Founders of this great nation. I just wanted you to know where we are and how many people, myself included, still love all of you and what you created.

With Greatest Regards,

Steve Bryant, Citizen, The United States of America

TV Shopping Host and Coach, Musician, Author, Teacher.

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