That’s a line from the theme to a 1960’s TV Show titled “The Roaring 20’s.” The show highlighted all the fun America had during prohibition. The Volstead Act had to be one of the worst laws ever enacted. It helped to give birth to organized crime. The man who raised me, my Uncle Ed, was a major bootlegger in South Jersey. Faced with the prospect of no jobs for veterans after returning from World War I, he used his piloting skills to bring in the “good booze” from Canada. Since a lot of bootleggers were poisoning entire towns in rural America with bad homemade alcohol, I think of Ed as a hero.

Fast forward to 2021. The worthless piece of crap Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, “ordered” all restaurants to be closed, even for outdoor dining. This lockdown has done nothing to stop the spread of the virus in the state. If anything, many scientific experts believe closing the restaurants has forced people to gather in private homes where there is no social distancing or mask wearing. Plus, many legal experts are challenging the Governor’s authority to issue such sweeping prohibitions.

So many restaurants have gone out of business as their takeout trade (still allowed) isn’t enough to keep them going. The good news is that many “restaurant speakeasys” have opened up for indoor dining. Their help wear masks and the tables are set up to maintain social distancing. Customers wear masks until they are seated and eating. I frequent these “speakeasies” as often as I can. God bless them for standing up to Governor Newson’s illegal orders.

The local TV news does show some of the restaurants that have remained open. They have noted that some have racked up over $100,000 dollars in fines and, if they had a liquor license, had it revoked along with their business license. The owners have said, to a person, that they will not stop unless they are arrested. There is even a case where one restaurant was “raided” on New Year’s Eve. The patrons all stood up and refused to leave. The officials were outnumbered and, realizing they weren’t paid enough for this, just left. Score one for the good guys!

The news people haven’t reported on more than a couple of restaurants. I know for a fact that over half the restaurants in a large nearby town remain open for indoor dining. I think the reporters are probably customers and couldn’t face another night of a pork and beans dinner at home. They are probably customers and don’t want to pee in their own Wheaties. I also frequent as many of these restaurants as possible.

It’s the Roaring 20’s all over again, except the speakeasys are serving good food along with the booze, companionship and camaraderie. Damn Gavin Newsom and all his minions to hell for forcing this on the good people of California. He will pay for his transgressions; of that I am sure.

It is good to see people openly defying the illegal shutdown orders. These orders also include beauty salons and barber shops. In this life, almost nothing is as clean and safe as a well-run salon or barber shop. Those who know me will notice that my hair is always well cut and styled. Yes, there are many “speakeasy barbershops and salons.” Again, no one is reporting these shops. During the 1920’s, my Uncle Ed was arrested 5 times for bootlegging. No jury would convict him, even though they had iron clad proof that he was flying in booze from Canada and even had a fleet of boats bringing in fine European whiskey and wine.

Power to the people! More than a slogan or John Lennon song, it’s how we will survive until the draconian rule of state Governors with delusions of grandeur are stopped. I will openly defy every illegal “order” and “rule.” I pray for that day and for the brave legislators who are fighting for all our rights in the courts.

I will do everything I can as a Californian to help bring down our tyrannical leader who can’t even get the Covid-19 vaccine distributed to the people who need it.

May God bless The United States of America!

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TV Shopping Host and Coach, Musician, Author, Teacher.

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