While getting ready to move, I have found quite a few photos I thought were lost to the ages. This photo is not sad. It’s Carol, my wife in 1976, and my Mother, taken on July 27, 1976. Carol is 7 months pregnant with our son, whom we had already named David Douglas.

The photo was taken 2 days before Carol and David were killed by a drunk driver. It is the last photo taken of her. We were going to Geets’ Diner in Williamstown for dinner. We spent the next day on the beach in Ocean City and had dinner at Orsati’s Restaurant just south of Atlantic City. The nest morning, her car was struck by a bus full of drunks who ran a red light at 70 mph. She and David were killed instantly.

While my Mother and I had our issues, she loved Carol and was happy that we would be moving to the campus of the University that had just hired me and starting a new chapter of our lives. As they say, want God to laugh? Make plans. I am so glad this photo did not get lost in the many moves I’ve done over the decades. As my WordPress blog has become the repository of the stories and photos of my life, it is an important addition.

I wish you and yours a healthy and happy Mother’s Day!

TV Shopping Host and Coach, Musician, Author, Teacher.

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