The government banned booze with the 18th Amendment (1917) and then the Volstead Act (1919). That spawned a huge criminal enterprise, a/k/a organized crime. Eventually that ban was lifted, but the damage was already done.

Bans don’t work. Instead of banning booze early last century, if the government and private business had instituted rehab programs for the rampant alcoholism, which is why they banned alcohol in the first place, the end results could have been a whole lot better.

Now let’s talk more common sense. I have never owned what the media and administration call an “assault weapon.” Don’t need one.

I always laugh when people say they need an “assault weapon” to protect themselves from the government. Obviously, they don’t know how tanks and fighter jets work.

Banning these weapons will, like banning booze, create a black market economy, Today’s technology and 3D printers, combined with the power of the Internet, will insure that any lunatic who wants an “assault weapon” will be able to get one. During prohibition, anyone who wanted booze could get it. Totally banning “assault weapons” will create the same scenario. And those people won’t have to pass any background checks.

Plus, there are more guns in this country than people, many of which are “assault weapons.” Trying to confiscate them would be disastrous. The riots and civil disturbance would be horrific.

Make the existing background checks much more comprehensive, raise the age limits for the purchase of semi-automatic weapons, and most importantly, make and pass red flag laws that will deny weapons to anyone with mental problems. Have a violent, unprovoked incident? You should never be able to own a firearm.

Enforce all laws. Get rid of the no-bail nonsense, prosecute and convict the criminals, that will help, too.

Red flag laws will really help end the carnage. I am hoping the U.S. will not make the same mistakes it did back in 1917 and 1919. May God bless the United States of America!

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