“You can’t get away with nothin’ no more.”

I am always surprised at how many crimes and lapses of judgment there are these days. In today’s video everywhere, DNA tests in minutes and other forensic wonders world, it is impossible to get away with anything long term. Yet, people still commit crimes and do horrific things to each other.

I understand about crimes of passion where your innate common sense is temporarily blurred and rage takes over. But, since we all know there are video cameras capturing most everything we do, wouldn’t you think everyone would have second thoughts about acting inappropriately. Obviously, drugs and alcohol negate this. But I’m talking about sober people who continue to commit horrific acts of violence and/or commit serious crimes even though they know their actions are most likely being recorded.

The recent case of the South Carolina policeman who threw a female student around like a rag doll comes to mind. He’s a trained police officer. Take away any racial element from the incident and you have a man who’s acting like a rage-induced Neanderthal. Most of us, myself included, have been the victim of police overreaction at one time or another. That’s a topic unto itself.

But just watch the TV news and you’ll see revealing video of crimes. Everything from assault and robbery to fatal hit and run incidents. Don’t these fools know they’ll be caught? With all the sophisticated crime solving techniques at the disposal of law enforcement these days, as the opening quote says, “You can’t get away with nothin’ no more.”

The stupidity of people who think they’ll get away with anything illegal is mind boggling. Yet they continue to rob, assault and kill on a regular basis. Some police officers continue to violently overreact. I don’t have a solution but there has to be one out there. I hope there are a lot of people looking for it.

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TV Shopping Host and Coach, Musician, Author, Teacher.

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