The most successful award show in recent history was the ACM Award show from April of this year. Why? The producers told the host (Reba McEntire) and all the guests there would be no politics on the show. It was a great show, concentrating on saluting the artists and songs and not the political conditions of the day.

I have great respect for the talents of Colin Jost and Michael Che. They’re both great writers and comedians. I believe Michael will emerge from this decade as one of the hottest stars of our time.

They are very funny using politics as their medium on Saturday Night Live. I hope they realize there’s a time for everything and a show celebrating television shows and stars isn’t it. Tonight should celebrate TV and nothing else. Plenty of time for politics on the upcoming season of SNL.

Success leaves clues. The great ratings of this year’s ACM Awards should be a big enough clue for the Emmy Award Show to leave politics for a better time and place. As much as I love TV, I will tune out at the first hint of political comedy tonight. (Sadly, it will probably be before the first commercial break…way before the commercial break.)

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