That should be the theme song for music at the Sacramento Airport this year. Among the many rules for playing live music for holiday travelers at the Sacramento Airport is the caveat “no mention of the word Christmas should be made.” They also forbid songs like “Silent Night,” “Mary Did You Know?,” “What Child is This” and any other songs that mention or allude to Jesus.

Given their rules, the Irving Berlin classic “White Christmas” is also prohibited, since it mentions the forbidden word. The Airport’s guidelines (A/K/A, the Sacramento Council for the Arts) forbid any mention of the specific holiday. They suggest songs like “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and any other songs about generic holidays. Plus, the songs have to be cleared by BMI. Songs from ASCAP or SESAC are not allowed. Checking that for every song is tedious at best. Apparently they aren’t signatories to the other 2 main clearance agencies.

I was chosen to play at the Airport 2 years ago. The only restrictions then were any songs that were obviously religious. These politically correct bits of nonsense have gotten worse every year. This year, I submitted my song “Christmas in Sacramento.” I’m sure they heard the restricted word as the first lyric of the chorus and turned an immediate thumbs down. I thought of recording a 2 hour version of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but figured even as dense as they are, they would get the sarcasm. And even that “approved song” uses the word Christmas in the line, “Scary ghost stories of Christmases Long Ago.”

It’s this kind of political correctness that is helping to tear our country apart by adding to the growing divisiveness. Here’s my song, “Christmas in Sacramento.” Merry Christmas,” in fact, “Merry Freakin’ Christmas.”

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