A few weeks ago, a friend recommended that I enter the NBC TV “American Song Contest.” Hosted by Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg, I thought it might be worthwhile.

I went to the website and found out that I had already entered my song, “Just One,” back in June of 2021. The contest had just been announced back then. They only accept one entry per person. Fair enough. Then I realized that the website was the same as for the failed NBC show “Songtown.” I entered that one a couple of times, only to realize that all of the contestants were 20 to 30-years old. I later heard that they only wanted people in this age bracket to go after a younger demographic.

Before you get your panties in an EEO bunch, since the contest is on-camera, age discrimination does not apply. There is no age discrimination for casting decisions since the producers are looking for a specific type of person for their show. That’s why I didn’t get the lead role in “Young Sheldon.” (Admittedly, I just wanted to meet Annie Potts.)

I’m sure the producers have the same age restrictions for their “The American Song Contest.” Like most broadcasters and producers, they want the coveted 18-34 demographic. Plus, since NBC is already promoting the show, they have probably recorded most of the episodes already.

To make it different, they are pitting state against state, much like the Eurovision contest does with countries. A competition between states where the residents get to vote? WTF? Who thought that was a good idea? Poor Wyoming (Population: 581,075), along with Vermont (Population: 623,251), District of Columbia (Population: 714,153), Alaska (Population: 724,357), North Dakota (Population: 770,026), South Dakota (Population: 896,581) and Delaware (Population: 990,334) don’t stand a chance against California, New York, etc.

Aside from the ridiculous state-to-state competition, it’s basically “Songtown” repackaged. If I were even in the running, I would have heard by now. I had to list my age on the entry form for “Songtown,” which they used for this show. While it’s a bit of ego and narcissism, I know “Just One” is a great song and would have been major competition for the other entrants. But it was most likely shitcanned when they realized I was 71.

Other songwriting contests are also a waste of time. I’m pretty sure the winners of those contests are friends or associates of the contest organizers. I’ve never even gotten an “honorable mention” from those competitions. I don’t waste my time or money anymore.

I keep plugging my songs to the country community. Maybe I’ll even write one for Annie Potts which would launch a country music career for her. Oh wait, she’s not 18-34? Oh well…(You wouldn’t happen to have her phone number, would you?)

Here’s the song I entered back in June:

And here’s the song I would have entered if I hadn’t already entered “Just One” back in June:

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