Rick Turner – Rest In Peace

Rick Turner, one of America’s premiere luthiers, passed away on April 17, 2022. His amazing instruments are played by Lindsey Buckingham, Jesse Colin Young, John Entwhistle and many others, including me.

The guitar on the left in the photo is my Rick Turner electric nylon string. The one on the right is my Bear Creek lap steel. I used both guitars on the song “Nothing’s Like It Used To Be.” I played the arpeggio accompaniment on the Rick Turner. The slide part is on the Bear Creek.

The song is a tribute to the Philadelphia Kid’s Show Hosts starting back in the 1950’s. There were a bunch of them. Pictured above is Lee Dexter, a master puppeteer and ventriloquist from Australia. Along with his creation, “Bertie the Bunyip,” based on an Aboriginal legend, Lee had a regular show on Philadelphia TV for decades. The song mentions as many hosts as I could remember. I watched them all.

The nylon string guitar on this song has an extraordinary tone. Rick Turner’s electronics are as marvelous as the guitars themselves. The fact that some of the world’s best players chose his instruments lets you know how great they are. The fame of the instruments is what attracted me. Once I played one, I was hooked.

The Koa lap steel guitar on the song was made for me by Bill Hardin of Bear Creek Guitars. It also has a phenominal voice and, along with the Rick Turner, is one of the most beautiful guitars I own. Thankfully, Bill is still with us and should be for many decades to come.

Not too many young people are taking the time to become luthiers these days. As a guitarist, that makes me sad. May Rick Turner Rest In Peace and Power. Heaven just got an incredible guitar maker!

© 2022 Steve Bryant

TV Shopping Host and Coach, Musician, Author, Teacher.

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